Effective Home Remedy for Smelly Groin - Proper Hygiene, Deodorant, Clean Clothes, Good Physique - Natural Cure for Smelly Groin

It's a man's worst nightmare -- Smelly groin. Some smell sour, others smell like used socks. A smelly groin can be a major cause of insecurities.

If you can smell something funky down there, here a few things you might consider doing:

1. Make sure you wear clean, well-washed clothes. Badly washed clothes trap bacteria and these bacteria, once they come in contact with your skin, can cause bad odor.

2. Avoid spices with strong smells. When you eat these, their essence will mix with your sweat and will somehow contribute to the funky smell.

3. Practice proper hygiene. Trim your pubes. Thick pubes trap dirt and bacteria, and dirt and bacteria cause bad odour.

4. Take a bath regularly. Needless to say. Don't expect your groin to smell good if you only bathe once a week.

5. Dab on some deodorant down there. It might work. It might.

6. Try to lose the flabs. Folds of flabs near your groin trap dirt and bacteria -- dirt and bacteria spell SMELLY GROIN. If you have flabs, clean the folds well, really well.


Effective Home Remedy for Smelly Head and Scalp - Short Haircut, Avoid Smelly Spices, Proper Hygiene - Natural Cure for Smelly Head and Scalp

It's a silent problem. Hardly anyone who has a smelly head talk about it. People freely talk about smelly armpits, smelly groins etc.. but rarely about smelly head. Well, let me tell you -- a lot of people suffer from it and they keep the problem to themselves.

If you have smelly head, here are a few things you might want to consider trying to somehow solve the problem (that is if the smell is not caused by medication or another more serious health problem):

1. Keep your haircut short -- it's bad enough that oil on the scalp is breeding ground for bacteria but long hair also traps a lot of dirt and bacteria that cause the foul smell. Keep it short and keep it clean.

2. Avoid eating too much garlic, thyme and the likes -- these are strong spices and when you ingest them, it's inevitable for their essence to mix with your sweat. Your scalp release sweat and sweat with strong spice odour spells SMELLY HEAD.

3. Take a bath regularly (at least 3 times a day) and use shampoo to kill bacteria trapped in between your hairstrands and on your scalp.

Stay clean. Stay healthy.

Effective Home Remedy for Bad Breath - Parsley, Salted Water, Apple Cider Vinegar - Natural Cure for Bad Breath

Bad Breath or Halitosis is truly detrimental to one's social well-being. It prevents an individual from socializing and even expressing his or her mind properly. The worst part is that Bad Breath is not only bad for oneself but also for others.

Here are a few things you can try at home to combat Bad Breath! Who knows? They just might work!

Apple Cider Vinegar


For Parsley --
1. Just munch on it after every meal. Usually you will find parsley as side or decorative dish, there's a reason it's there.

Salt + Water --
1. Mix 1 tablespoon of salt with 1 glass of water
2. Use it to rinse your mouth

Apple Cider Vinegar
1. Dilute 1 table spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar with 1 glass of water
2. Use it to rinse your mouth

1. Crushed parsley releases a pleasant smell that could cover foul breath odour.
2. Salted water prevents bacteria from flourishing
3. Apple Cider Vinegar kills bacteria that could cause bad breath


Effective Home Remedy for Acne - Oatmeal and Honey - Natural Cure for Acne

If you are sick and tired of your stubborn acne, why don't you try this effective home remedy that's very easy to prepare? I know many people who can swear by its effectiveness. I've personally tried it and it made my skin supple and somehow controlled the break outs.

(Keep in mind though that it's still best to get in touch with your dermatologist for skin problem cures and that we have different physical chemistries so it's important to test first if you are highly 'reactive' to this home remedy.)


Cook a serving of oatmeal like you would when preparing it as food
Add ¼ cup honey
Mix thoroughly.
Let the mixture cool.
Apply mixture to face but avoid the eye area.
Leave on 15-20 minutes.
To remove, sprinkle face with water first, wait 2 minutes, then wash thoroughly

Oatmeal absorbs oil and honey serves as toner/moisturizer.

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